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Safety Specials

At BRT Electrical Services your safety is our utmost priority so we have designed a range of safety specials that we highly recommend!

All homes in WA must have two RCD’s fitted prior to rental or sale. An RCD is a safety device that disconnects a circuit when it detects an imbalance of the electrical current. When it detects an imbalance it immediately cuts the electricity supply to prevent electrocution. All lights and power must be RCD protected.

There are now very firm laws in place requiring all homeowners and landlords to install at least two RCD’s in all premises. Please click here for more information on RCD’s and the laws in place.

There is also legislative requirements regarding smoke alarms. Smoke alarm regulations require all homeowners and landlords to have mains powered smoke alarms in all residential properties. Please click here for more information.

Safety Specials

1x RCD – $170+gst

2X RCD – $300+gst

1X Smoke alarm – $170+gst

2x Smoke alarm – $280+gst

1x RCD + 1x Smoke alarm – $300+gst

2x RCD + 2x Smoke alarm – $550+gst

So what are you waiting for! Call us now on 0415 854 373 to take advantage of this fantastic safety special.

Installation Check Package

We also offer a package where we will perform a check of all your installations :

  • Check trip times of RCD’S
  • Check functions of smoke alarms
  • Check general condition of wiring (new laws state that all exposed cable junctions must be brought to the attention of the home owner)
  • If downlights are installed, checking the roof space to ensure downlights are the required distance from combustible materials and have the appropriate fire rated capsules.

For only $150+gst  you can have peace of mind that your home or your rental property is up to date with current legislative standards. Not to mention the highest electrical safety for your family or your tenants! If any work is required following this installation check we will provide you with a non obligation quote.